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The 'LunaNova' Fellowship seeks to deepen our understanding of ME and accelerate progress toward effective treatments.
We are proud to name the second IiMER Fellowship for ME.

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Our participation in the November meeting of the UKCRC research working group - eighteen months after the intiative was created by the DHSC,
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Dr Gibson was a unique MP in that he understood the science and politics and was always interested in all kinds of views and was able to debate so many issues that were brought up. He always stood up for the underdog.
We are proud to name the first Fellowship for ME in his memory

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It is important that MPs here what is being done rather than a santised or biased view of activity related to research into ME.
We have supplied an extract from input to the DHSC Delivery Plan Working Group so that MPs can know of the development and status of the centre in Norwich Research Park.

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Instead of publishing discriminatory comments about ME in their document the DHSC ought to be defending patients. In our response to the DHSC Interim Delivery Plan (here) – we suggested that the DHSC could instead use a statement to counter the nonsensical misinformation by using extracts from their very own interim report.
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