As part of the EMERG (European ME Research Group) concept - that created a network of European biomedical research collaboration to make rapid advances in research and funding for ME - the charity initiated the young/early career researcher conferences in 2018.
We named them Thinking the Future (TtF) - trying to capture the idea of developing ideas and expertise to map requirements for future research into ME by building this European network of new and young research capacity that would lead to further international collaboration amongst young and early career researchers.

Into 2019 this continued in collaboration with the USA National Institutes of Health (NIH) and two TtF events were produced - in Washington DC and in London, with young researchers from both sides of the Atlantic attending each conference/workshop.

Plans in 2020 to hold the largest young/ecr investigator conference in London were disrupted by the pandemic.

Now, after three years and with the return of in person meetings, the charity is restarting this idea.

EMERGecr – nicknamed Young EMERG

To ensure that a foundation of biomedical research into ME can be sustained and to encourage new ideas from new areas then we cannot rely just on this family of researchers that has been built up from all parts of the world. We need to draw in knowledge and expertise from other areas – as we have been doing for many years with our research Colloquiums and international Conferences. Importantly, we also need to encourage early career researchers – and young researchers.

Young EMERG is now formed as group of young or ecr European researchers attached to research groups in the European ME Research Group, but also open for new members to join.

Restarting the group involves new young European researchers, as many from past years have moved on.
However, we have already arranged to bring together researchers from a number of European countries to help restart the network and help energise future research into ME - to think the future for ME.

EMRGecr Workshop/conference June 2023

A provisional web site has been added in the EMERG web space – or

To (re)initiate the network we have arranged a new young/ecr workshop to take place on 2nd June 2023 at the Wellcome Genome Campus near Cambridge, UK, in parallel with the 15th International ME Conference.

This international event will be in keeping with the emphasis we have placed on international cooperation.
As well as working with the NIH to turn this into an international network with events being held in other countries we are also working with our colleagues in the European ME Alliance (EMEA) to create a broader network across the continent. which will, in turn, facilitate further international collaboration in research into ME and encourage new ideas to be formulated.

It will, importantly, also give more awareness of the exciting possibilities of researching this disease – for the betterment of people with ME and their carers.

We welcome all support for this and hope that more early career researchers and research departments will begin to appreciate the interesting and challenging opportunities that exist for young or early career biomedical researchers entering this field.

More details on the EMERGecr web site.

We hope to join this event with the NIH young investigator workshop planned for December 2023 in Washington.

To this end we have invited the NIH to participate.

More details of the event will be added to the young EMERG website in due course.

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An Early Careers Researcher is defined an individual who is within a few years of the award of their PhD or equivalent professional training, or their first academic appointment.

For the Young EMERG events are open to postgraduate students and postdocs involved in biomedical research, and also medical students with an interest in biomedical research into ME. The important attribute is a willingness and intent to collaborate in the group and work toward building research capacity and expertise in myalgic encephalomyelitis.

The EMERGecr objectives will provide an international forum where research into ME can be discussed, ideas can be generated and a network built to allow opportunities for those young or early career researchers who are already involved in research into ME, or involved in another research area which may be of relevance to understanding ME.

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