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Invest in ME Research supports high quality, biomedical research into myalgic encephalomyelitis (ME).

In order to ensure that we maintain a strategy of high-quality biomedical research for the future IiMER formed an Advisory Board of top researchers to assist us in planning and building a strategy of high quality biomedical research into ME and provide information when necessary that would allow more focus on research required to find the pathomechanism of the disease.

The first advisory board meeting was held in August 2014 in London and the topics discussed included what we know about ME so far, the progress of the IiMER funded research in progress and the aims of these projects in, for example, identifying sub groups of patients and how the research could be tied together to complement each other.

There was consensus that one of the most difficult part for researchers is to find correctly diagnosed patients and they rely on clinicians to do the selection process.
It was discussed how there are probably very many low lying patients who have this disease but they are outside of the healthcare system - something IiMER has pointed out many times in the past - and it would be useful to identify those patients and enable them to be part of research efforts.

The charity continues to focus on establishing correct and unbiased science to be involved in ME research.

A number of key areas and possible projects have been identified.

We believe our approach to initiating biomedical research into ME has been the best way to produce results and feel very strongly that the key elements of a correct and productive strategy of research into ME have been created.
Our Biomedical Research Colloquiums

Over the years as our international research Colloquiums have increased in size and importance and as the European ME Research Group (EMERG) and European ME Clinicians Group (EMECC) were formed we found that we frequently engaging with a number of excellent researchers who also were available to advise the charity and to those researchers and clinicians we are hugely indebted.

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