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We are pleased to announce the sixteenth public international conference hosted by the UK charity Invest in ME Research, #IIMEC16 - The 16th Invest in ME Research International ME Conference 2024.
Taking place on the 28th of June 2024, this prestigious event will be held at the renowned Wellcome Genome Campus, Hinxton Hall. Building on the foundation of our two-day researcher colloquium, IIMEC16 continues our mission of bringing research and clinical expertise to bear on Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME), setting the stage for impactful advancements in the field.

Updates on research into ME from around the world will also be given - as well as input from the previous two days of the BRMEC13 closed researchers Colloquium.

With developments around research into Long Covid and with the similarities of some symptoms to those experienced by people with ME then this topic will be also included as a central component of the agenda.


IIMEC16 Conference Agenda - 28 June 2024

The conference programme may be subject to change

Agenda for #IIMEC16 is also available here as a full page - click here

# Session Presenter(s)
8:15 Welcome to IIMEC16 Registration
09:00 Updates on research into ME Professor Simon Carding
Quadram Institute, UK / European ME Research Group (EMERG)
NIH Roadmap - Future Directions Dr Vicky Whittemore
National Institues of Health, USA
Insight into mechanisms of ME/CFS (tbc) Dr Brian Walitt / Dr Avindra Nath
National Institues of Health, USA
Diagnostic and potential relevance of autoantibodies for fatigue symptoms (tbc) Professor Lutz Schomburg
Charité University Hospital, Germany / EMERG
10:30 Mid-morning Coffee Break
Immune Exhaustion in ME Professor Maureen Hanson
Cornell University, USA
Explaining skeletal muscle-related symptoms in patients with ME/CFS: from skeletal muscle to exercise immunology (tbc) Dr Rob Wüst
Vrije University Amsterdam, Netherlands
Long COVID: Providing new (and old) insights to clinicians treating ME/CFS Professor Nancy Klimas
Nova Southeastern University, USA
Panel Discussion Chaired discussion
12:30 Lunch
Treating ME in USA -
A Clinician's Approach
Dr Irina R Rozenfeld /
Dr Violetta Renesca

Institute for Neuro-Immune Medicine,
Department of Clinical Immunology,
Dr. Kiran C. Patel College of Osteopathic Medicine, Nova Southeastern University, USA
Treating ME in Europe -
A Clinician's Approach
Dr Jesper Mehlsen
Copenhagen University Hospital, Denmark / EMERG
Panel Discussion Chaired discussion
tbc Afternoon Coffee Break
Precision medicine and AI in ME Research Dr Dezső Modos
Imperial College London, UK
Unraveling the Causal Biology of ME to Identify Novel Targets, Actively Protective Biology, Diagnostics and Repurposing Opportunities Rowan Gardner
PrecisionLife, UK
Update on Clinical Trial of Rapamycin in ME Dr . Gunnar Gottschalk
Simmaron Research Inc, USA
Neurovascular Dysregulation During Exercise in ME/CFS Dr David Systrom
Harvard Medical School, USA
ME/CFS & Long COVID: BH4 & NO (tbc) Professor Ron Davis
Stanford School of Medicine in Stanford, California, USA
Panel Discussion Chaired discussion


Registration for #IIMEC16 can be made using the Eventbrite interface below.


The conference will take place on the Wellcome Genome Campus at Hinxton Hall, between London and Cambridge. Hinxton Hall

Hinxton Hall Conference Centre is located on the Wellcome Genome Campus, alongside research institutions that are at the forefront of the genomics revolution. Hinxton Hall Conference Centre blends stunning contemporary architecture with state-of-the-art facilities, alongside a Grade II* listed country house, all set within a beautiful, rural 100 acre estate bordering the River Cam.

This location is near to Cambridge as well as a short drive from London Stansted airport.
There is also a direct link to London Stansted from central London.
This venue offers a number of advantages for assisting in our objectives of building collaboration and expanding knowledge.


There are opportunities for sponsoring elements of the International ME Conference Week 2024, including at the IIMEC16 conference. Please read our Conference Week brochure for details of the events. Contact us if interested in becoming a sponsor of the conference and supporter of the work of Invest in ME Research

IMET - Irish ME Trust

We would like to thank the continued support from the Irish ME Trust (IMET). IMET has helped with every conference that IiMER has arranged since the charity started these events and they have been wonderful colleagues since 2006 - initiating with us the European ME Alliance (EMEA) which is now representing eighteen countries.

IMET also have a stake in the RESTORE_ME clinical trial due to their previous donation to our biomedical research fund.

Great friends, great partners in facilitating international collaboration in biomedical research into ME.

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