It has been announced that Invest in ME Research has won a £3,000 #charityacclamation award from Claims.co.uk thanks to nominations from the public.

This is another staggering result for the charity - entirely thanks to the supporters who created 82% of the vote for IiMER.

Invest in ME Research was nominated to win a £3,000 boost as part of Claims.co.uk's goal to help others.
Claims.co.uk regularly donates money to charities both locally and across the UK. To date, they have provided tens of thousands of pounds of funding to dozens of worthwhile projects.
These activities have helped a wide range of charities and especially donate to charities who help disabled, sick or disadvantaged children as they are particularly vulnerable members of society.
The Charity Acclamation Award aimed to reward small, grassroots charities not only with appreciation, but with a cash prize towards their cause.
Each prize was awarded based on a community vote, meaning the work the chosen charity did to supporting the community could be recognised nationwide too – something which created a fantastic opportunity for smaller charities.

Thanks to all of our supporters who voted for the charity we will now be able to use this award in funding the planned clinical trial at Quadram (more details here).

Chairman Kathleen McCall commented -

“The charity wishes to thank Claims.Co.UK for this amazing gesture and scheme which helps the charity to perform its work and, very importantly, provides more awareness of the disease, what the charity is doing and the marvellous support we have from our wonderful supporters who come together to try to make progress in researching this very neglected disease.
Our thanks to all of those who supported the charity with their nominations. We are very proud to have such support. This also helps raise the profile of ME and the charity will use this award to further our objectives in establishing a foundation of biomedical research into ME”.

Last Update 27/06/2019