One of the developments of 2019 was the formation of the European ME Clinicians Council (EMECC) [1].
As we wrote then -
"One of the many failings in the way ME has been handled over the last decades has been the lack of education and specialisation in ME.
Few clinicians have been able to accumulate enough experience and the disease is treated in healthcare with little regard, partly due to this failure – although also due to the negligent way it has been funded.
Those clinicians who have gained experience in treating ME patients and collaborate with biomedical researchers need to be encouraged and supported."

Lucinda Bateman The charity initiated the formation of EMECC following an American initiative that was started by Dr Lucinda Bateman and Mary Dimmock in USA.
To continue to build an environment where clinical expertise can be improved and developed we are bringing together the US and European clinicians in a meeting in London in ME Conference Week - a start of an international clinicians symposium and an additional component in the efforts to encourage international collaboration and improvement in treating ME.

We are pleased to announce that Dr Bateman has accpted the invitation to our conference week events and to speak at the IIMEC15 International ME Conference.
Dr Bateman will attend also the other events organised by the charity.
We want to facilitate and fund a research strategy that brings the search for treatments and cures to the forefront. The joint meeting with US clinicians and EMECC will be a meeting that will hopefully will lead to more understanding and collaboration, thus benefiting patients worldwide.