The #CofEforME Logos

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Invest in ME Research have created logos to help recognise and publicise the Centre of Excellence for ME.

We hope these will help make this project a success and we would ask everyone to help us in this.

The Main Logo

Our main logo, used to identify the Centre of Excellence is based onthe Centre and Excellence words - and has a design around a spanner indicating the charity's intent to build the foundations for biomedical research into ME.

The Fun Logo

This is our social media and fun logo. Help us get more people interested in the Centre of Excellence for ME by taking a photo with the right hand in the shape of a C. We have a specific page where all types of people,organisations and professions can show their support for our project - click here.

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Our Posters

Download or order our poster to publicise the Centre of Excellence for ME.

Our Twitter Hashtags

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