ME Conference Week - A 2021 Vison for ME

For a long time the charity has recognised that part of its strategy for improving the outlook for people with ME must include improving clinical expertise in ME.
We feel this is best enacted via collaborations between knowledgeable clinicians who treat ME patients - sharing knowledge and integrating clinical expertise with a research strategy that closes the loop for translational biomedical research.
It is one of the reasons why the charity initiated the European ME Clinicians Council (EMECC). The EMECC group came into being following the initiative in USA by Mary and Dr Lucinda Bateman in setting up a USA Clinicians Coalition.

We need to build a bridge in Europe between clinicians and biomedical researchers and use the expertise from knowledgeable clinicians to influence research. This not only will improve the situation for patients it will also facilitate the building of the infrastructure to treat and research ME.
This is coming into being with some of the strategic developments initiated by the charity and these were described in the chairman's welcome message to the IIMEC15 International ME Conference in London on 28th May - click here.

The charity is continuing to initiate, promote and support European collaboration in research into ME.
ME Conference Week brings an international focus on ME.
The Covid-19 pandemic delaye our plans for 2020 - but for 2021 we continue to work with researchers and clinicians and patient groups to develop ideas and make progress - based on foundations created over the years.

International ME Clinicians Workshop

ME Conference Week in London in 2021 will be augmented with an additional event in order to create more understanding and promote better clinical practices for ME.

We will initiate an International ME Clinicians' workshop involving USA and European clinicians and others coming together to discuss clinical expertise, criteria, treatments, research etc.

We hope this may lead to further such interactions and agreement on common standards and procedures.
Especially, we would like it to be able to influence and support research and increase knowledge-sharing about ME.

The focused agenda will also allow clinicians to provide input to the two-day international BRMEC10 Research Colloquium that follows the workshop.
We need researchers and clinicians to work together using the same solid, agreed foundations on what ME is and what research needs to be performed.

This meeting could be the prelude of a powerful force for good to influence healthcare agencies around the world.

Other Events in ME Conference Week 2021

The International Clinicians Workshop will be an additional event to what is now an International ME Conference Week in the heart of London - and builds on years of work in developing the foundations for the future.

Biomedical Research into ME Colloquiums

Invest in ME Research has been organising the research Colloquiums since 2011 - to bring researchers together from around the world to share knowledge and develop research into ME. The Colloquiums are closed research meetings providing a forum for international researchers to discuss research data, share knowledge and develop ideas around biomedical research into ME. They now regularly attract researchers from fifteen countries and contribute to progress in research into ME.

International ME Conferences

Invest in ME Research started the International ME Conferences in London in 2006 in order to provide a platform for research into ME at a time when good publicity for ME was scarce and little opportunity was available to publicise any biomedical research into ME.
Our intention was to provide a meeting where researchers, clinicians, patient groups and patients could come together for the benefit of all.
2021 sees our fifteenth International ME Conference on 28th May 2021.

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