For a long time the charity has recognised that part of its strategy for improving the outlook for people with ME must include improving clinical expertise in ME.
We feel this is best enacted via collaborations between knowledgeable clinicians who treat ME patients - sharing knowledge and integrating clinical expertise with a research strategy that closes the loop for translational biomedical research.
The European ME Clinicians Council (EMECC) came into being following the initiative in USA by Mary Dimmock and Dr Lucinda Bateman in setting up a USA Clinicians Coalition.

We need to build a bridge in Europe between clinicians and biomedical researchers and use the expertise from knowledgeable clinicians to influence research. This not only will improve the situation for patients it will also facilitate the building of the infrastructure to treat and research ME.
This is coming into being with some of the strategic developments initiated by the charity and these were described in the chairman's welcome message to the IIMEC15 International ME Conference in London - click here.

With EMECC linking to the European ME Research Group (EMERG) and European ME Alliance (EMEA) we have a great potential to have clinicians, researchers and patients working together.

International ME Clinicians Workshop

The IMECC1 conference initiates the International ME Conference Week in London in 2022.
The conference week includes the BRMEC11 research Colloquium and the IIMEC15 International ME Conference.

Last Update July 2021