Due to the pandemic the International ME Conference Week events in London for 2022 have been amended.
The pandemic has continued to disrupt plans for our annual events and the charity has decided to reschedule some of these events.

Due to absence and unavailability of some of the researchers and clinicians then the benefits of holding these physical meetings, with likely reduced audiences and speakers, would have have been comparatively few and the trustees have decided it better to arrange a new date for some of these events in order to maximise the benefit.

The planned #IMECC1 Clinicians Conference and the #IIMEC15 International ME Conference 2022 are to be rescheduled.

The #BRMEC11 International Biomedical Research into ME Colloquium will continue take place on 18-19 May.
IiMER will be arranging a webinar at a later date this summer but, for now, we will concentrate on the #BRMEC11 research Colloquium as that brings together researchers from around the world and provides great benefits for people with ME.

Already we have arranged meetings for 2023 and are looking at other options for this year.

Last Update April 2022