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Christmas/New Year Fund Appeal Advent Calendar

Merry Christmas

We hope our Advent Calendar for ME contributed something to the public understanding of ME.

We raised some of the issues with the way myalgic encephalomyelitis (ME) has been researched and treated over the last decades.
We hope that it highlighted how so much damage has been done to vulnerable patients by senseless establishment policies that have served a small group in influential people and vested interests.

Hopefully, some of the articles showed ways we were tackling these problems - as well as other work of the charity.

The table below shows the topics for each day -

1 What is ME? 2 A story of a patient 3 A simple question 4 Misdiagnosis
5 Children with ME 6 Doctos and Patients 7 Long term illness with ME 8 Caring for someone with ME
9 Science, Politics and ME 10 ME and the EU 11 Disability and Human Rights 12 Art and ME
13 Encouraging young researchers 14 Humour and ME 15 Funding for ME 16 Film stars and ME
17 Have a Cuppa for ME 18 Media and ME 19 pre-conference preparations 20 Listen to the patients
21 Fifty Years - and ME? 22 Removing isolation 23 Invest in ME research 24 A Centre of Excellence for ME
The full Advent Calendar is here -

Thanks to everyone supporting the charity in attempting to change things for the better.

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