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Pre-Conference Preparations

From early on in our conferences Invest in ME Research began organising pre-conference dinners prior to our international ME conferences.

They were designed to allow us to use as much time and as may of the possibilities as possible to further research and awareness of ME whilst people from different countries were in the same place.

It also gave us the chance to thank some of our friends.

The first real pre-conference dinner with speaker occurred in 2009 with IIMEC4.

Prior to that we arranged interviews with some of the speakers at the conferences with Professor Malcom Hooper interviewing them.

We also included these pre-conference "brainstorming" sessions – the Hooper Interviews – on the conference DVDs.

IIMEC4 - Hillary Johnson

In 2009 we were honoured to have Hillary Johnson – author of Osler’s Web ,
Dan Peterson and Harald Nyland speaking at the first real pre-conference dinner at IIMEC4.


A new feature for this year's conference DVD was a pre-conference "brainstorming" session with some of the speakers at the conference.

Nancy Klimas , Brigitte Huber, Annette Whittemore, Judy Mikovits and Paul Cheney discussed under the chair of Malcolm Hooper.

IIMEC6 - Hillary Johnson and Dr Ian Gibson

The IIMEC6 pre-conference dinner in 2011 had Hillary Johnson returning and speaking with Dr Ian Gibson.

The speakers gave fascinating insights into the politics of ME on both sides of the Atlantic.

IIMEC7 - Jørgen Jelstad

Norwegian journalist Jørgen Jelstad was invited to give the IIMEC7 pre-conference dinner.

The title of the presentation was 'Words Matter'

The talk is also documented on Jorgen's blog site here -

IIMEC8 - Linda Tannenbaum

For 2013 we invited Linda Tannenbaum of the new Omei-Merit Initiative (later OMF) to speak about plans in California to create a research base into ME.

The presentation will be added here later.

IIMEC9 - Dr Nigel Speight

Dr Nigel  Speight was invited to present in 2014.

Dr Speight served on the Chief Medical Officer’s Working Party which reported in 2002, and also the College of Paediatrics Guidelines group. He gave evidence to the Gibson Inquiry and on three occasions has talked to the ME interest group at the Scottish Parliament.
• Dr Speight is a peadiatrician who has been involved in treating ME patients for many years
• He, more than anyone else in UK, has seen the worst cases
• He is/and has been involved in numerous court cases where families are threatened with having their children taken away from them in the UK and abroad
• He tirelessly gives advice to anyone needing help

In order to cover the severely affected and to highlight the reasons why we feel our conferences and research meetings are required we have invited Dr Nigel Speight to present the keynote speech at our pre-conference dinner on the evening before the conference.

The terrible cases of abuse of ME patients continues - almost all of them based on the ignorance about ME which the government and those organisations responsible for researching ME have allowed to be fabricated over a generation.

Dr Speight continues to be involved in cases where lives are being directly affected by the ignorance about ME which has been allowed to be built for a generation.

The presentation will be added here later.

IIMEC10 - Mike Shepherd

Mike Shepherd, the first person with a heart pacemaker to run a full marathon at the North Pole, did it for Invest in ME as his daughter has ME.

Mike Shepherd's presentation gave the story of his marathon exploit.

The presentation will be added here later.

IIMEC11 - Kjersti Krisner

Kjersti Krisner gave a moving testimony of issues with severe ME in her pre-conference dinner presentation prior to the 11th International ME Conference in London in 2016 - click here

If one wished to see all that has been wrong with research policies toward ME by establishment organisations over the years then one would only need to see Kjersti's presentation

Kjersti's family of three severely affected children was highlighted in Norwegian TV with the NRK channel Pulse program in 2009 - click here

IIMEC12 - David Tuller

For 2017 we were pleased to announce that David Tuller was our guest presenter.

His analysis of the PACE (Comparison of adaptive pacing therapy, cognitive behaviour therapy, graded exercise therapy, and specialist medical care for chronic fatigue syndrome) Trial, and its aftermath, will probably be seen as a pivotal moment when the history of research into ME is written.

By bringing investigatory and scientific analysis to the PACE Trial and exposing and documenting the faults in what has taken place with this trial David Tuller has also brought awareness to how research into ME has been so flawed in the past.

The results of his thorough journalism has brought hope to people with ME and their families who have long called for independent review of the PACE trial, and related research.

IIMEC13 - Carol Head

For 2018 we were very pleased to announce that Carol Head, President of the USA organisation Solve ME/CFS Initiative (SMCI), would give the pre-conference dinner lecture.

Carol discussed on SMCI’s research and advocacy programs and looked at recent changes in the landscape of ME in the United States.

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