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Have a Break
Tea and Mince Pies - for ME

With Christmas just over a week away the minions are taking a break.

A good time to relax and remove some stress.

Invest in ME initiated the Have a Cuppa for ME mornings - the first being held in November 2005.

We thought this a relatively easy way to raise funds for biomedical research into ME and/or to educate about the disease.

Christmas and New year provide a great opportunity to educate about ME - and raise some funds if possible.

At Christmas one can join this with mince pies.

A few years ago one report stated that ""Christmas-loving Brits will munch their way through a staggering 10,000 mince pies a minute during the festive season"
300 Million in total is the number of mince pies eaten over Xmas

One could charge per mince pie instead of the tea.

Thankfully the mince pies have nowadays changed compared to the originals -

The original mince pies contained very different ingredients from the ones we eat today.
They included rabbit, pigeon, partridge, hare and pheasant, as well as dried fruit and spices! It was originally known as a Christmas Pye. ...
According to tradition, you should make a wish on the first mince pie of the season

One can host one's own Have a Cuppa Mornings and donations on the day can be made to Invest in ME Research.

Use our Have a Cuppa cards to invite people - available from IiMER - which contain information on ME.

It need not be a huge affair, if you can just manage to invite a couple of friends or neighbours in, even for half an hour (get them to make the Cuppa if you are not able) - then charge them for the privilege !

Ask friends, family, schools, local firms & businesses to get involved, maybe they could hold "Cuppa for M.E." Tea/Coffee breaks at work or on special school days.

But do it early. As another interesting piece of information is that -

Info: The number of British people who will travel abroad for Christmas is 4.25 million

Hosting and arranging a HACFME event need not be difficult.
It can match whatever one is able to do - whether it is a small gathering of friends and family or neighbours, to events on a local community level, to school teacher breaks and even in offices where team meetings or afternoon breaks can be dedicated to raising awareness of ME and funds for Invest in ME Research's biomedical research projects.

Another interesting tidbit -

Info: The amount of money spent on unwanted Christmas gifts is £700 Million.
Have a Cuppa instead.
The average Brit will drink a whopping 17,031 cuppas in a lifetime

Let's make one of those a Have a Cuppa event.

One can Have a Cuppa for ME on any day of the year, of course!

One hundred HACFME events in a year raising £250 would go a long way to helping us fund a new three year research project for ME.

Plan your Have a Cuppa Event

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