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Film Stars and ME

On a happier note for Day 16 of the Advent Calendar.

Christmas is a time when many take the opportunity to watch films – both new and old.

So, in the festive season, we thought it would be a good idea to mention someone from the film industry who is making a great contribution to ME awareness.

Some may not have noticed but Invest in ME Research has its very own film star supporting the cause.

Jon Campling is an actor, known to many Harry Potter fans as the 'Trainstopping Deatheater'.

He wrote the introduction to the book - Science, Politics, .......and ME - by Dr Ian Gibson and Elaine Sherriffs.

Jon is married to Ali, also an actor – an actor-singer-dancer.

Ali was diagnosed with ME after 2 years of increasingly debilitating symptoms.

Like many, Ali was prescribed 18 months of CBT and advised to use PACING techniques – but realised that there was little real understanding of this illness and no ongoing care.

So Jon and Ali have found themselves dealing with the same problems as all people with ME have to deal with.

Jon has been a staunch supporter of Invest in ME Research and constantly uses his fame to raise awareness and valuable funds for research.

Jon could have just kept a low profile regarding ME and not raised the issue.

He didn’t.

Instead, he uses immense time for fundraising for ME and educating more and more people about the disease earning the admiration and thanks from so many families where ME has struck.

Jon’s fundraising page is here –

Jon is also active on Twitter so, if you have a Twitter account, follow Jon at @joncampling

Happy Christmas to King Regis

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