Pre-conference Dinner Analysis Highlighting Issues With the PACE Trial

Ahead of the events of the Invest in ME Research 2017 Conference week the charity released the 2016 Conference pre-conference presentation made by our speaker, Kjersti Krisner - click here.

It showed the terrible effects of this disease and the deleterious and ideological failures of past establishment healthcare policies - both clinical and research - toward ME.

David Tuller DrPh, is academic coordinator of University of California Berkeley's joint masters program in public health and journalism stepped up to challenge all that is wrong in the big tent of establishment policy on ME.

Through acclaimed journalism David Tuller has pulled apart the PACE Trial and systematically documented the failures with it - and did just this at our IIMEC12 Pre-conference dinner .

Those present at the pre-conference dinner presentation and those having purchased the conference DVD will have seen this dramatic dismantling of the PACE Trial into what resembles a fairy tale - though a very ugly one for patients.
As David commented "It's like Alice in Wonderland".

We now feel this is an appropriate time to release this one presentation from the DVD for all to see.

The PACE Trial has had an inordinate effect on healthcare systems throughout the world and, despite the advocacy and requests from IiMER, the PACE Trial paper has still not been retracted despite all its faults.

David's presentation was at the IIMEC12 pre-conference dinner on 2nd June 2017 in London. - #TearItUP

David Tuller - IIMEC12 Pre-Conference Keynote Speech

David's IIMEC12 presentation is here

Last Update 31/10/2017