Kjersti Krisner Pre-Conference Dinner Speech 2016

Ahead of the events of the Invest in ME Research 2017 Conference week we are releasing the 2016 Conference pre-conference presentation made by our speaker, Kjersti Krisner.

We feel this is appropriate as our 2017 pre-conference dinner keynote speech will be by David Tuller, who has been reporting on the PACE Trial over the last years.

If one wished to see all that has been wrong with research policies toward ME by establishment organisations over the years then one would only need to see Kjersti's presentation - and then purchase the 2017 Conference DVD to listen to David's presentaion. Cause and Effect - or Effect and Cause in this case.

Kjersti's presentation is a poignant yet powerful view of patients - severely affected by ME.

David's presentation will be at the IIMEC12 pre-conference dinner on 1st May in London.

Kjersti Krisner - IIMEC11 Pre-Conference Keynote Speech

Kjersti's IIMEC11 presentation is here -

Details of past conferences is available at this link.

Last Update 29/05/2017