Meridian TV – Sophia's Story

During ME Awareness Month 2006 Meridian TV covered the story of Sophia Mirza who has become a victim of M.E.

Stacey Poole from Meridian, who earlier in the year interviewed a number of ME sufferers in Hampshire as well as an official at the regional ME centre, has interviewed Sophia's mother, Criona.

Criona gave a very moving account of what happened to Sophia at the ME Conference 2006 in London on 12th May.

ME kills and the urgency that all governments need to show toward this illness is highlighted by this story.

Invest in ME has now been given permission to publish these interviews on the Invest in ME web site. Use the links below.

Two interviews with Criona by Meridian ITV are available.

Also shown are interviews with Dr. Jonathan Kerr.

Read the story of Sophia, as written by Criona, with this link.

Meridian ITV Interview 1

Meridian ITV Interview 2

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