In our January 2009 newsletter we mentioned that we were beginning a biomedical research fund.

For some while we have been thinking that we need to try to attract more funding which we can direct toward biomedical research - research which can be performed without the constraints or influence of a powerful psychosocial lobby which still influences MRC policy.

Donations which we receive are used to support the international conferences, educational dvd production, production of books and guidelines and postage costs related to these etc.

Education is a major part of biomedical research. Students need to attend conferences such as ours, healthcare professionals need to have the latest research presented to them regarding ME and researchers themselves need to meet, network and establish working relationships with each other. Researchers must also begin sharing data and working in co-operation.

We want to continue to fund education and provide the platform for the biomedical research conferences. We also wish to try to support other areas of biomedical research - by funding biomedical research staff, providing educational opportunities and in assisting with equipment and other costs of researchers performing purely biomedical research into ME.

So IiME has set up a fund for these activities. We have no illusions we will be a major force in supplying funding for biomedical research. But we are committed to trying and hope other ME charities will do the same.

We began this by allocating 20 tickets to the international conference 2009 on 29th May to medical or healthcare students in order that they may come and listen to the latest information on management, treatments, diagnosis and the latest advances in research into ME. In the UK medical students receive little education regarding ME and it seems often to be influenced by biased or outdated information. We hope to change this.

In March 2010 Invest in ME part funded the Whittemore-Peterson Instititute UK study of ME patients and put forward a control group for examination.

In May 2011 IiME organised a special meeting in parliament whereby the chair and members oif the APPG group for ME could meet biomedical researchers whom IiME had invited to the 6th Invest in ME International ME/CFS Conference 2011 in London.

We also organised a "corridor conference" of biomedical researchers from seven countries in order to allow them the possibility to discuss and collaborate on future research.
These events are described in our conference report - click here.

In May 2012 IiME, along with Alison Hunter Memorial Foundation of Australia, organised the first Clinical Autoimmunity Working Group for ME, held in London - click here.

In May 2013 IiME, along with Alison Hunter Memorial Foundation of Australia, organised the Biomedical Research into ME Collaborative meeting in London which drew 40 biomedical researchers from nine countries to collaborate and discuss the latest research into ME and future plans - crowd sourcing of ideas for ME research - click here.


Our aim is to build sustainable and developing collaborations with translational biomedical research at the heart of all research.


IiME's proposal for a UK Centre of Excellence for ME is available here and we will continue to campaign and lobby for this centre.

We are promoting the initial research project and the opportunities with establishing a hub of research within the Norwich Research Park - click here.

We hope to be in a position to fund more biomedical research in the future.

The Invest in ME Biomedical Research Fund

This will be used for the following -

Currently the focus of the BRF is toward the proposal for a UK examinations and research facility for ME.

If you would like to help in raising funds please contact us.

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