The Invest in ME Research #IIMEC12 Pre-Conference Dinner 2017

This event was arranged and hosted by Invest in ME Research and marked the prelude to the twelfth international ME conference that the charity had organised.

The pre-conference dinner included invited researchers, clinicians and ME patient group representatives from many different countries - a network of people responsible for ME research, treatment and patient support.
The event was arranged to educate and to encourage international collaboration in research into ME.

#IIMEC12 Pre-Conference Presentation - #TearItUp

IIMEC12 Pre-conference dinner

For 2017 David Tuller was our guest presenter.

David Tuller DrPh, is academic coordinator of University of California Berkeley's joint masters program in public health and journalism. He was a reporter and editor for 10 years at the San Francisco Chronicle, served as health editor at and frequently writes about health for The New York Times.

David's presentation - #TearItUp - included his work in exposing the flaws in the PACE Trial.

His analysis of the PACE (Comparison of adaptive pacing therapy, cognitive behaviour therapy, graded exercise therapy, and specialist medical care for chronic fatigue syndrome) Trial, and its aftermath, will probably be seen as a pivotal moment when the history of research into ME is written.

By bringing investigatory and scientific analysis to the PACE Trial and exposing and documenting the faults in what has taken place with this trial David Tuller has also brought awareness to how research into ME has been so flawed in the past.

The results of his thorough journalism has brought hope to people with ME and their families who have long called for independent review of the PACE trial, and related research.

David Tuller received the Special Service Award at the October 2016 IACFS/ME conference in Fort Lauderdale, USA and this high-quality and dedicated journalism will surely receive more awards in the future.

Below is the presentation from the IIMEC12 Pre-Conference Dinner

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