Invest in ME Letters to the Medical Research Council and Lancet

Following Invest in ME's statements on the PACE Trial and the release of the data for independent review [1] and [2], or a complete retraction of the PACE Trial paper by the Lancet, the charity has now written to the head of the Medical Research Council to request that publicly-funded body to join us in demanding that the data be released by QMUL.

We believe it is the duty of the MRC to comment on this subject, as funders of the trial.

As no comment seems to have been forthcoming from those in the MRC who are responsible for the policies toward ME research for the last decade then we have written directly to the Chief Executive Sir John Savill.

The Invest in ME letter to the MRC CEO is here [3].

Our new letter to the editorof the Lancet is here [4].

Invest in ME’s position on PACE has been unequivocal from the beginning and continues to be so.

For historical information on the charity's consistent and long-held views on the PACE Trial please see the links below.

One can search our web site using the links and references in [1] and [2] – and these will show many of the articles relating to PACE that exist on our site.

The farce which has become the PACE Trial continues.

We hope soon some honour and sense will be brought to bear on this subject to address the scandal which this whole affair has become and that, perhaps, some accountability can be forthcoming from those involved.

Our Letters

Invest in ME Letter to MRC

Invest in ME Letter to Lancet




  3. Letter to the MRC CEO

  4. Letter to the Editor of the Lancet

Last Update February 2016