E-petition Response from Prime Minister

An e-petition to the Prime Minister was created by people with ME requesting that the government arrange for the CMO, the Department of Health and the Medical research Council to attend the Invest in ME International ME/CFS Conference on 29th May 2009.

The Prime Minister's Office issued a reply on 1st July 2009.

Statement from Invest in ME

Invest in ME are profoundly disappointed by the continuing indifference to ME which the response to the e-petition from the Prime Minister’s office has shown.

The perfunctory response provides further confirmation that the current government has no intention of taking seriously the plight of people affected by ME.

The lack of attention which the government continues to display toward ME is evident in the uninformed and superficial response.

From the tardiness of the reply (provided over a month after the IiME ME/CFS conference in London was held) to the lack of any real policy being evident toward ME the prime minister’s office has demonstrated that the government has no interest in engaging with the patient community and is devoid of ideas as to how ME can be treated.

Invest in ME have responded to the Prime Minister. Our letter has been emailed and sent via Post to the Prime Minister.

A copy of our letter can be found below via the links provided.

Invest in ME have requested a meeting with the Prime Minister and are willing to organise a representation to visit him.

We have also offered to arrange for the Prime Minister to visit a severely affected person with ME in the hope that he would see for himself the desperate needs of people with ME in this country.

We invite all friends of IiME to contact the Prime Minister’s office and voice their opinion.

Meanwhile Invest in ME have had a response from the Chief Medical Officer to our letter to him on ME Awareness Day. We hope to be setting up a meeting with his policy team in the near future.

Letter to the Prime Minister from Invest in ME

The response from Invest in ME to the Prime Minister is available here - in pdf format or as a web page click here

The Prime Minister's Reply to Invest in ME

The Prime Minister's office responded to our letter by passing it to the Department of Health. The response is shown here - click here

Last Update 20/07/2009