WE - a Community and ME

A condition such as ME presents not only a challenge to the patient who receives the diagnosis, nor only to the family where a child or partner contracts the illness. It tests the values and the fabric of a community. How does the community react?
The reactions and experiences describe how prepared or willing it is to overcome the challenges and support the patient with ME.

Invest in ME Research has a produced a small booklet giving an overview of how ME affects a community.
Thanks to funding from an Awards for All grant the charity has been able to have a number of copies printed.

2 A Community and ME
3 What is ME?
4 What is ME?
5 What is ME?
6 Research
7 I know someone
8 A GP
9 A Consultant
10 A Paediatrician
11 A Hospital CEO
12 A Teacher
13 A Social Worker
14 A Benefits Assessor
15 An Employer
16 An MP
17 A Researcher
18 How It Is
19 A Person with ME
20 A Person with ME - 1
21 A Person with ME - 2
22 A Family
23 A Parent and Carer
24 Friend of a Friend with Son with ME
25 A Friend
26 A Child with ME
27 Severe ME
28 Issues 1
29 Issues 2
30 Issues 3
31 Ignorance
32 Going Forward
33 Going Forward
34 IiMER
35 IiMER
36 What We Are Doing
37 IiMER Initiatives
38 Why a CofE for ME
39 5 Years
40 Europe
41 Vison/Action
42 Thank You

Last Update 11/09/2019