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The 9th Biomedical Research into ME Colloquium (29-30 May 2019) is approaching and we are looking forward to yet another IiMER international event. BRMEC9 has leading centres of ME research, and researchers from around the world working together for the benefit of people with ME.

The Colloquium is just one of eight events organised by Invest in ME Research during ME Conference Week 2019.
This was mentioned in this news item.

The Colloquiums allow a lot of time for informal discussions amongst biomedical researchers and we have found these to be extremely useful in progressing research activities into ME.
Over the years we have built up a family of researchers who come to London to discuss and debate and search for useful information and ideas.
We now just refer to them as our international family of friends in the research field. Some of those appearing at our Conference Week events include

Vicky Whittemore

Dr Vicky Whittemore and co from NIH will give current status on USA government-funded activities.

Nancy Klimas

From Miami we will have Professor Nancy Klimas returning to IiMER's Colloquium, having spoken atconference and colloquium in 2017.

Maureen Hanson

Professor Maureen Hanson is one of the NIH funded centres and will be updating on the work at Cornell.

Mady Hornig

Associate Professor Mady Hornig is from another of the NIH funded centres looking at increasing diagnostic accuracy.

The Microbiome session will include a presentation by the IiMER funded Quadram Institute Bioscience PhD students and Professor Simon Carding We are hoping for an update from Peter Johnsen in Tromsø, Norway. The Tromsø team are collaborating with Cornell University and Quadram Institute.

We also welcome back our friends from Haukeland University hospital in Bergen - Dr Ingrid Rekeland and Dr Oystein Fluge - who brought ME to the map of mainstream research and media attention.

They will discuss their clinical trials using rituximab and cyclophosphamide to treat ME patients.

Metabolomics is an area that continues to be studied by many research groups and it will be interesting to hear whether results from different groups support each other and gain agreement on the importance of common methodologies.
The Bergen team have built up an impressive ME research biobank and it is being put into good use by looking at metabolomics and their colleague Professor Karl Johan Tronstad has been studying cellular energetics in particular.

Others returning to Conference Week events include -

Ron Davis

Professor Ron Davis returns with an update from Stanford Genome. Read more

Ron Tompkins

Dr Ron Tompkins attended last year's events, and returns to London.

Wenzhong Xiao

Dr Wenzhong Xiao, from Harvard, also attended last year's events.

Michael VanElzakker

And we welcome back Dr Michael VanElzakker from Harvard and Tufts University.

Amongst the other researchers from Europe we welcome the following -

Markku Partinen

Professor Markku Partinen from University of Helsinki spoke at last year's Colloquium and Conference.

Jonas Bergquist

Professor Jonas Bergquist from Uppsala, who was recently in Norwich, is a regular at the Colloquium.

Petter Brodin

This year for the first time we welcome Professor Petter Brodin from Karolinska University in Sweden.

Jesper Mehlsen

Returning again this year we also have Dr Jesper Mehlsen from Bispebjerg and Frederiksberg Hospital, Denmark.

The BRMEC9 home page with agenda is here

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BRMEC9 Colloquium

IIMEC14 Conference

Thinking the Future

Members of the European ME Alliance (EMEA) will be present also to allow patient perspectives to discussed and heard and EMEA look to add new members to the Alliance this year.

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