IIMEC13 - the Anne Örtegren Memorial Lecture

Remembering the Influence of Anne Örtegren

IIMEC13 is the thirteenth annual international ME conference that the charity has organised in London.
IIMEC13 From early on the conferences began to take shape as a venue for researchers, clinicians, healthcare staff, media, patient groups, patients and carers to interact and share experiences.
The conferences now attract delegates from twenty countries in a unique international event that is friendly and conducive for learning and networking.

The charity decides whom to invite but, over many years, we have been helped by a good friend in Sweden in arranging the programmes for the international Colloquium.
Sadly, Anne Örtegren passed away in January.

Anne was a vital link in helping us to build international collaboration, especially in Sweden, her homeland.
Her support and friendship to us, and many others, was an example of resilience, determination, kindness and modesty.
Anne represented the very best of ME advocacy - despite the incredible suffering she experienced.

There is little that we can do other than to continue to campaign for proper research into ME - and to find, fund and facilitate biomedical research which will lead to the uncovering of the cause(s) of ME and to development of treatments for the disease.

But the charity has decided to recognise the work of Anne by devoting a dedicated presentation slot in our conference programme.

Anne Örtegren Memorial Lecture

This lecture will be dedicated to a presentation of biomedical research into ME.

Anne once wrote to us -

" "I would love to see a mast cell researcher present at a colloquium (and perhaps presenting at the conference)."

Our last promise to Anne was to try again to make this happen.

We are happy to say that we have done so.

Click here for inaugural The Anne Örtegren Memorial Lecture

Before announcing this we have confirmed with Anne's mother, Margareta, that this met with her approval.

We hope that this part of the Conference events will serve as a moment to reflect on the work and efforts of the amazing Anne Örtegren

Farewell to a Friend