Invest in ME Research
Christmas/New Year Appeal - Fund Status

Our funding ambition this Christmas/New Year period is to raise £5000 to go toward a clinical trial for ME to be performed at Quadram Institute in Norwich Research Park.
This is not overly optimistic. At this time of year we do not expect miracles.
But as much as we can achieve then the easier it becomes to make a new clinical trial for ME a real possibility.
Donations fund research and research is the key to treatments being developed.
Invest in ME Research is a charity of volunteers with no funds used for salaries and all funds devoted to finding, funding and facilitating biomedical research into ME.
We hope to turn the Christmas tree on the left green by Christmas day. However, for all the hope to achieve our target, the greater wish we have at this time of year is for people with ME to have some respite from this disease and to maintain hope for better days.
Our great thanks to those who have helped and those who are helping us continue to change how ME is treated and researched.
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

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