The 4th IiME International ME/CFS Conference 2009

Management, Treatments and the Latest Advances in Research into ME/CFS

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The 4th IiME International ME/CFS Conference 2009

This will be the fourth annual Invest in ME international biomedical conference on ME/CFS.

The conference will be held on 29th May 2009 in London and builds on the successful biomedical research conferences organised by Invest in ME in previous years.
As in previous years Invest in ME aim to raise awareness of the neurological illness myalgic encephalomyelitis (ME/CFS) and we shall be focusing on severely and moderately affected patients with ME as part of our
campaign for a national strategy for biomedical research into ME which will lead to treatment and a cure for this devastating illness - an illness which is about 5 times more common in the UK than HIV/AIDS - yet which has had little funding spent on biomedical research.

At the 2009 conference we will raise more awareness of severe ME - a group of patients who are not represented in research trials and misunderstood by healthcare services. Many believe that studying severe ME will yield treatments and cures for this illness and have repercussions for other services including management of ME.

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Why you should attend

The conference theme is Management, Treatment and Research into ME/CFS.

The key to resolving, treating and curing ME/CFS lies in biomedical research. Our 2008 conference in London focused on Sub Grouping and Treatments and showed indisputable proof from leading ME/CFS experts regarding the pathology of this illness.

In order to progress research into this illness the severely (and moderately) affected patients need to be examined. The complications of long standing ME is poorly understood and has rarely been discussed or even researched. An epidemiological study of this nature is something which needs to be performed and questions need to be answered concerning how many patients experience neurological problems such as seizures, or develop MS, heart disease, gastrointestional disease, osteoporosis, and/or cancer.

Research data and experiences of managing and  treating ME/CFS will be presented as will  findings from the latest biomedical research. The time is right for moving ahead with sub grouping of ME/CFS both for treatment and for optimising research which will lead to curative solutions for this illness.
The presenters at the conference represent the world's most current ME/CFS knowledgebase regarding ME/CFS.

The conference provides information and opportunities which are not available via the internet. One of the most important aspects at previous IiME conferences has been the creation or resumption of the unique networking opportunities available with some of the most renowned experts on ME/CFS speakers in the world.


Who should attend?

The conference will appeal to healthcare professionals, doctors, nurses, paediatricians, occupational therapists, researchers, ME support groups, people with ME and those working in social services, educational support and the media.

The conference provides an opportunity for people within government, health departments, social services and education to be able to be informed of the true nature of ME/CFS and of the current status of diagnosis, treatment and current/future biomedical research possibilities.


Conference Registration

Registration will be possible from 08.00 on 29th May.

Included in the conference are morning and afternoon refreshments, and a hot lunch.

A small quiet room adjacent to the lecture theatre will be available for some who may wish to rest.

The refreshment areas should be available as rest areas during the conference presentations and during lunch and breaks the lecture theatre should also provide a quiet area to sit and relax.


Conference Venue

The conference venue is at One Birdcage Walk in the heart of Westminster. The conference will be held in the magnificent Lecture Theatre of One Birdcage Walk.

This wonderful venue will make the day a relaxing opportunity to network with other healthcare professionals and patient groups/charities. Please note this conference is a TICKET-ONLY event - tickets must be purchased prior to the event (please see our conference registration page).



CPD Accreditation

Invest in ME have been awarded the maximum CPD accreditation (6 points) for the conference by the Royal Colleges and is available for those registering as professional delegates.



Invest in ME welcome sponsors for the 4th International ME/CFS Conference.

Please contact us here at the International ME/CFS Conference Email address.


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