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Fane @ IACFS

Fane and Norwegian party from Haukeland University Hospital, Bergen, Norway

More support for our Centre of Excellence for ME - from the best of the best.

Fane, in the middle, with Professor Olav Mella (left) and Dr Øystein Fluge (third from left) at the IACFSME Conference in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA.

More support for the UK Centre of Excellence for ME.

Fane Tweeting from Professional Day at IACFS

More from Fane in Fort Lauderdale -

Fane is giving a poster presentation at IACFS and will be giving copies of our matchstick brochure out to delegates passing by.

The matchstick brochure describes the work of IiME and uses the power of art to illustrate the determination of the charity to make change in how ME is researched and treated.

The artwork is given by international artist Wolfgang Stiller.

More about these brochures via this link.

Day 1 of the Professionals day at IACFS and Dr Fluge and Professor Mella are speaking - and good to hear recognition of the collaboration between Fane and Dr Cambridge.

Hopefully it is ok to add this tweet from Cort Johnson - of Dr Vicky Whittemore (NIH) comments about the UK Centre of Excellence

More support for the UK Centre of Excellence for ME.

More support for the UK Centre of Excellence for ME.

Here is Fane pictured with Zaher Nahle of SolveCFS.

More support for the Centre of Excellence for ME.

Please feel free to send in your "selfies" to support this development.

Thanks again to Fane.

And thank you Zaher and SolveCFS for sponsoring Fane's trip to IACFS with a grant.

Last Update 28/10/2016

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