The Invest in ME Research #IIMEC14 Pre-Conference Dinner 2019

London, May, 2019

The IIMEC14 conference programme is finalised and this means we turn our attention to one of the other events organised by the charity during ME Conference Week to raise awareness, educate and add another opportunity for networking.

Every event organised by IiMER has objectives behind it as the charity attempts to make the most of the opportunities that we create.
We invite a keynote speaker to present at the pre-conference dinner in order to bring a different perspective to the audience.

For 2019 we thought it might be a good time to look at how things were, what has been done, what has been achieved, how things will go forward.

So who could give such an overview from the perspective of an observer , a knowledgeable sage, a person who could articulate well what has gone on, a person who can tell it like it is?
Somebody who is genuine and knows how things work in parliament, in science, in society - and who knows how the various hidden networks operate to inhibit, influence or prevent progress from being made for the benefit of patients.
Somebody who is aware of what the charity has been attempting to do.

We held our first conference in Westminster, London in 2006 in the hope that politicians and other healthcare decision makers could easily attend.
Dr Ian Gibson, MP for Norwich North at the time, opened the first conference. He has been the charity's supporter and advisor ever since.

Dr Ian Gibson - IIMEC1 Keynote Speech 2006

IIMEC1 - London 2006

IIMEC14 Pre-Conference Presentation

This year we are pleased to announce that Dr Ian Gibson has agreed to present the IIMEC14 Pre-Conference Dinner Presentation for 2019.

Dr Gibson is a scientist, politician and academic and is uniquely qualified to comment on how science and politics have become intertwined. Dr. Gibson has an inside perspective on this topic and he has been a strong advocate of science in the UK.

Dr Ian Gibson worked at University of East Anglia for 32 years, became Dean of the school of biological sciences in 1991 and was head of a cancer research team and set up the Francesca Gunn Leukaemia Laboratory at UEA.

In 2011 Dr Gibson received an honorary doctorate of civil law from UEA.

Dr Ian Gibson led an inquiry into ME in 2006 [click here].
Without official funding, and at a time when unbiased and independent analysis on the way ME was being treated and reported on by the establishment organisations and media was lacking, Dr Gibson provided a checkpoint which attempted to get publicity and force change which would help ME patients.

The Gibson Inquiry made several recommendations [click here].

That the then Labour government ignored the report, and its recommendations, will forever cast a shadow on the health minister at the time and on the government itself.

Since that time Dr Gibson has been influential in assisting IiMER in meetings to develop the UK Centre of Excellence for ME.
He has also chaired the IiMEC* conferences.

After 12 years of IIMEC* conferences, and following the tenth anniversary of the Gibson Inquiry, and when change was slowly managing to creep into establishment organisations, Dr Gibson felt it was necessary to look at the way that politics and the actions of some have influenced the way ME has been, and continues to be the subject of misrepresentation, inappropriate media reporting, ineffective research funding and a pervading prejudice that needs to be exposed.


Thus was born "Science, Politics, .......and ME" - a book detailing the healthcare scandal in our generation.

Dr Gibson, and co-author Elaine Sherriffs, started interviews with knowledgeable individuals following the IiMER London conference and established new contacts.

It is important to understand the politics of ME and how the 'establishment' in most countries reacts. Dr Gibson is familiar with the political events in the UK, how they affect healthcare and patients and how some organisations and individuals are unduly influencing these policies.
Dr Gibson and Elaine visited or interviewed researchers, clinicians, advocates, patients, carers and others to produce an analysis of ME - the Science and Politics behind the way ME is treated.

The project was aided by a generous donation toward the production of the book from the Irish ME Trust and by donations from some individuals.

Few diseases can have been so maligned by false information, so manipulated by an insidious establishment-controlled ideology, or so poorly dealt with by those holding the purse strings for research into the disease, than Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME). This book examines a scandal in our generation - a scandal still being played out by corrupt, apathetic, inept or ignorant attitudes in governments and Medical Research Councils and health services.

The book is available via Amazon.
Order book here

IIMEC14 Pre-Conference Dinner 2019

The dinner precedes IIMEC14 - 14th Invest in ME Research International ME Conference 2019 which occurs in Westminster on the following day.
We hope to film this event also and to make it available after the conference.
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